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We have a simple rules!

  1. Dont Cheat
  2. Dont Bug
  3. Dont use BadWords
  4. Dont use nick use GM, Admin, or lilili
  5. Farm or leveling bug is allowed
  6. Dont use ASPD force
  7. Dont Xjob
  8. Dont provoke at game
  9. Dont be mad player
  10. Be a nice player
  11. You can RMT
  12. Dont promote others rf
  13. GM is not your mother, so dont cry
  14. Dont insult GM
  15. Selling Character at Facebook Group is Disallowed



Disallowed items:
  1. Weapon 45-50 +7 *Donate Unavailable
  2. Leon 55 *Donate Available +7

*this item can be update

You can contact GM for any freak items

We can dellete, banned, or do anything with your char

Rules can be change everytime.

Contact: [email protected]

Rekomendasi Rekber RMT