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RF Island NVD "Adventure Gaming" client and patch!

- Client RF Legend Of Elven (2.2.3) = You must extract Golden Patch
- Client RF Classic = Can
- Client RF Age of Patron = Can
- Client RF Golden Mystery = Recommended
- Others Client RF but still Golden Mystery = Recommended

Full Patch:

If you have Golden Mystery Client, you only need to download this:

- File Name: Patch 21 Nov 2017
- File size: ~15 MB

*Choose one only!


Client RF Island NVD 'Adventure Gaming'

This is Client RF Golden Mistery versi If you already have, you dont need to download this!

File Size:~2 GB


Golden Patch Lyto:

If you got an error or etc, download this:

- Nama file: Golden Patch
- File size: ~299 MB


Golden Patch Bacuys Area

Golden patch Bacuys Area Version

File Size:~110 MB




Another question:

* Critical Error: Client problem.
* DDNM: Client problem

Solution: Download Client RF Golden Mystery or RF Island NVD Client.

* Stuck Launcher: Connection of file corrupted

Solution: Re-patch or using VPN