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  • 24 November 2017


    We have some plan for next Weekly Maintenance at Tuesday, 28 November 2017, this is it!

    1. Some items like hissy potion and others will be tradable

    2. Dellete others item at guardian chip except Hollymental Scanner

    3. Increase drop rate for Cremul Snatcher Captain

    4. Increase damage of Guard Tower

    5. PC Server Maintenance

    Maintenance at 08:00 GMT+7 - Finish
  • 21 November 2017


    Maintenance update for:

    1. Dellete Battle Dungeon (All Race)

    2. Decrease Bow and Gun attack *all race

    3. Catapult HP 300.000, Goliath HP 600.000

    4. Increase Staff Damage

    5. PC Server Maintenance

    Download InstantPatch:

    Maintenance at 08:00 GMT+7 - Finish
  • 21 November 2017


    Basic Information:
    a. Exp System 1 Hit 1 Lvl, you can get 1 level only with 1 hit to monster.
    You can get level with easily but next, you need to get an items.

    b. Adventure. We dont have many change for npc. So, there is full on droplist.
    You need to kill monster to get any items. There is a lot of monsters with awesome items.

    c. Random Slot. Armor and weapon that you cant get from monster is have random slot.

    d. Low Drop Rate. Low drop rate will kill your time!

    e. Upgrade Rate. You must try it alone!

    But, you must know if the upgrade rate is no have chance for destroy item.

    f. Rune Delay. Different time for delay:

    - Rune Delay
    ^. Exile Rune: 3 Minutes
    ^. Destruction Rune: 3 Minutes
    ^. Oblivion Rune: 2 Minutes
    ^. Restraint Rune: 2 Minutes
    ^. Darkness Rune: 3 Minutes
    ^. Convert Rune: 30 Seconds
    ^. Swift Rune: 12 Seconds
    ^. Escape Rune: 10 Minutes
    ^. Defense Rune: 3 Minutes

    - Jeda Potion
    ^. Hissy: 2 Minutes
    ^. DNA of Silence (ipqsa20): 2 Minutes

    Weekly Maintenance on Tuesday